April 23, 2012

Have some stuff

So I've been sketching again, mostly bleh things but once in a while I get inspired. Mostly about Impure Rubies, since I made it its own blog.
Re-edited (again) the Prologue in honor of it.
Been lurking about tvtropes pages like this one Characterization Tropes and I've been using Flashnote to just jot down everything from call backs to the fourth book and before that I want to embed in the first one, to create a cool Fridge brilliance effect like the Harry Potter series.
Also places to explain and plan out believable relationships between my characters, and to compile various tidbits of info in one neat place. And Q10 to actually start type out something; its Pavlovian or something, the way hearing these click clack noises and the shiing of the return tab make me want to keep writing.


Idris as an angel, I think, would be very dour and restrained. 
Since as a demon he holds not inhibitions and is permanently happy as he does nothing he doesn't wish to do.

Busts of the most frequent characters in Impure Rubies. More of a study in face shapes and jaws.

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