November 6, 2011


So my friend pulled a big favor on me and lent me her tablet. A night of wild art ensued. Here's some of the works I did in one night.

Ari wanted me to do her original character Koryn:

Then I done a Ruby Pose, hated the shirt color so changed it to blue.

Ruby and Idris.

Both of them show Blue and Orange Morality as well though, Since she's a golem who wants to protect the first person to truly accept everything about her; killing whomever it takes to have the Princess' reincarnations live. (What does she care about those other humans?)

And Idris, who is a demon and prefers the presence of humans to other demons; but has no qualms letting others know he's on top of humanity on the food chain.

November 2, 2011

First day, actually second.

Well, in my defense I started this on November 1, finished it at 3 in the morning on the second. I've got to be awake in a couple hours for class but hey, the lifeguards are in the pool right next to ours so at least someone will be pretty quick in fishing my unconscious body from the pool right? /horrible joke to make right now after doing this part in Impure Rubies.

I started with the first chapter, but had a scene from way later in my head all day so decided to get that out before it went away.

In preparation I read the Tear Jerker's page on TvTropes for One Piece. (Goddamn You Oda you magnificent Bastard you*sob*) and listened/watched this throughout writing this scene:

I need to be heading to sleep now, all this emoting is exhausting. Ruby's already conked out as well. She'll need a hug, and some spiked tea after she wakes up. (come to think of it I will too.)

Atlantis' Destruction-Aftermath
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