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In true unbalanced and partially insane author fashion, my characters seem to be living in a flat in my headspace. So I shrugged and considering what I make them do, charged no rent. However, I find myself in repeatedly weird situations and decided to share some of them with you all, since mind readers aren't really common and  only I would bare witness to these happenings usually.

I have a feeling this segregation was for a good reason but whatever. 

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Update 1(10.31.2011)- One day Before NaNo

"Stop!" A grunt and a moan, "It's too tight, Ruby-what the hell are you doing?"

"Idris, hold his arms down and-" She was interrupted by Ragnor's muffled growl. I couldn't make out the words from the hallway but Ruby replied with a deadpan, "So what if he's naked? Only his hands will touch you, relax."

More shuffling sounds drifted through the closed doorway, I wondered if I should come back later, at a better time. A glance at the calendar had me frowning and pulling the tatters of my courage together.

Opening the door I bit my lip to stop my laughter from bubbling through. Of the three on the bed, only Ruby deigned to give me a glance before continuing to force Ragnor's stubborn bangs into his ponytail. For some inexplicable reason, this had to be done while straddling him. It was probably for the same reason Idris had Ragnor's hands held in what seemed to be a painful grip behind the blond vampire's back.

The grinning demon was, in fact, completely naked.

Off to the side, was Skylark, regally sipping what seemed to be some dark tea, black tea if my empty tea stock was any indication. Two children sat drawing with a couple of crayons I remember specifically telling Ruby not to steal. The little girl waved cheerily while her brother moodily stared at me.

I didn't take offense, Eben only smiled for Ruby and his younger sibling.

Sighing, I set my notebooks and clipboard onto the table and made myself at home in the kitchenette. Reaching for the steaming teapot, I spared a glance at the trio on the bed; it seemed Idris' tail had gotten involved and Ruby's hair tie had been ripped to shreds.

"Where is Rasui? Everyone is accounted for except you guys."

The princess answered, perusing a script idly while sipping at her tea. "He went off again to try to talk that fairy girl of his to come along with us. It's touchy though, this really is starting to become quite crowded." She sipped before turning around to face me with a curious look on her face.

"Is it true?"

"Is what true?" I ask absentmindedly, watching Ragnor try to grab at Idris' smokey intangible horns with predictable failure.

"About the sequels. I heard it from Ruby, but she's not the most reliable to sources at times when it comes to you."

Crushing some cumin seeds into my mug I looked for the milk. "Yes. I'm hoping for 5 in total. At least, that's how much I have planned for."

She smiled and plunked her mug down with finality. "That's great, we'll have much more room then! I'll go tell Rasui and Faye the good news." She bustled past me in an elegant flurry of shimmering blue hues. I squinted suspiciously at her hair as she paused at the bed and made an aborted attempt to speak before shaking her head and leaving through the front door. Her hair seemed more ethereal today, so did Ruby's for that matter. With the wild thrashing it looked like she had flames trailing her head in a burning halo.

The soft thump of an object hitting the floor had me looking over at the two drawing children. They'd been practicing at stealing things and getting caught.

"Did you go crazy with the Glimmer Dust that Faye gave us, again?" They smiled like butter wouldn't melt in their mouths. Little demons probably bribed Idris to teach them that.

It had taken forever to get that shit out of Ragnor's waist length hair. I didn't look forward to the fuss he'll put up when he notices the new box.


"Okay, it's time you guys."

Idris, still in the nude much to the surprise of nobody, made a gleeful noise and proceeded to shred Ruby's shirt. Eben and Ragnor developed an indignant scowl which culminated in them breaking Idris' hands.

Ruby frowned at her now ruined shirt and sighed, taking it off anyway. Ragnor huffed and rolled his eyes in frustration, "You two have no sense of shame."

Idris stuck out his tongue and proceeded to the closet, throwing out everyone's clothes. His hands already healed.

"Hm, foppish fancy french wear. That's yours, brat." Ragnor caught his clothes with a death glare aimed towards the tailed back.

"Furs, coats, and a dress; the kids." Anne walked up to Idris to retrieve their things, andwas given them with a fond pat to the head, much to Ragnor's irritation.

I began to help Anne into her dress when Ruby pushed Idris aside and retrieved her own clothes, handling the Egyptian linen with a fond look.

"Awesome, I was missing my darling little axe!" Idris hefted said axe over his shoulder and proceeded ahead, tail picking up Anne and bouncing her up and down, much to her delight. A frowning and worried Eben hurried after them along with Ragnor who had taken out his cell and proceeded to call ahead to make sure everybody was ready.

Ruby inhaled deeply and looked at me, red eyes brooding and serious.

"Are you really ready for this?" I ask.

She looks at the retreating backs of the others and grins, "No. But I will be."

"Update 2...By Skylark."

She paused, at a loss as to where to begin, before returning to the laptop after a bit of internal debate.

"It is only day number two and I fear it has gotten off two a bad start.

Hopefully, it won't set precedent for days to come.

Last night, or more accurately, early morning at 4 am both Ruby and Sol stumbled in, weaving like drunks in a somber and cheerless manner. We hadn't heard from them since they sent Rasui back before midnight.

They looked horrible, disheveled and lost. Ruby couldn't bear to look at me. With mumbled excuses they locked themselves in Ruby's room and wouldn't come out.

Worried, I logged on and read over what they had worked on that day. There was brief mention of the planned scene with Rasui. I read halfway through the snippet before I couldn't read any farther.

My stomach rebelled and I was briefly sick before I regained my composure. I had never known what had happened to Ruby when she was saved from her imprisonment.

I am beginning to see the reason why she never told me.

Nevertheless, we all are worried. Ragnor took the kids out for groceries, unable to let their faith in Ruby waver before its time.

Sol had left earlier this morning, drowsy and with dark half-circles under each eye. I worry for her on the road in this state.

Honestly! To start off with that scene....

It's been too much, too quickly. Idris has been sitting in front to Ruby's door ever since Sol left. And even though his reactions didn't help AT ALL-"

"I can hear what you're typing about me!"

Skylark paused and smiled briefly before continuing, "He has my gratitude for helping her when I couldn't."

With a sight, she wrapped it up, " I hope today will go better, for all our sake's."

A heavy thud landed next to her, wrapping wiry arms around her shoulders and burying its face in her shirt. Ruby, still in her rumpled clothes from yesterday, tensed briefly at Idris suddenly appearing wrapped around her, nuzzling the messy red strands, before relaxing .

Posting the update she set the laptop on the coffee table. Soothingly, she took a sporadically clenching hand and began to rub away the tension.

"Are you alright?"

The golem shook her head in a negative.

"Will you be alright?"

No response.

Skylark sighed and unwound Ruby's death grip from her and curled Idris more securely around the golem.

"The I'll go make breakfast then, shall I? What would you like?"

"Beer." The voice was hoarse and broke at the end, but it was a reaction.

Idris grinned at that. "Aww yeah! Ancient Egypt made the best beer! Thick and sweet and filling, amirite?"

Skylark frowned, "Hm, I'm not sure where to begin looking for it though."

Muffled snickers from the duo on the couch signaled to her that their attention had drifted to somewhere else. Skylark smiled at that.

She went to the kitchenette and contemplated the phone. Maybe the Agency had some?

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